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Monday, March 18, 2013

2-Week Late Bday Post

What the title says...
I wanted to do a post about my birthday but I forgot about it until now.

Let's start off the post with a camwhore shot of me trying to show off some of my presents XD
 Loving my new earrings and bracelet!

My mom was so sweet. She baked a cake for me =D
The decoration is a little weird-looking because the whipped cream melted hahaha

I got to celebrate my birthday together with my birthday buddy
Our birthdays are only a day apart ;)

During dinner... me + Rice playing with her quad cam app =D

No group photos to post from that day because the lighting was quite horrible... the pics were all kinda... blehhhhh

I had dinner with my other group of friends at Wildebeest. It was such a hipster restaurant haha.
It was fun to share all the food with everyone and try a bit of everything, but the portions were really small and I felt like we were such beasts because the minute the food came, we'd devour it in seconds lol

A pic with K before she had to leave early.
So sweet of her to still celebrate with me even though she was so swamped with school assignments!

Yay. Polaroid pics!
I had to use photoshop to brighten up the pics because they turned out so dark D=
Does anyone know how to take Polaroid pics so they turn out brighter?...

Tired of my face yet? Haha.
The photos after this one won't have me in them. Don't worry.

I also had dinner at this really modern trendy-looking restaurant called Deluxe.
Doesn't this look cool?

(Lol we asked to be seated somewhere else after I took that photo because that table was facing the wall and it was so awkward, but it made a nice picture...)

Desserts! Tell me these are not adorable!
They all tasted really good too =9

After dinner, it was movie time...
at the VIP theatres!

I have never been to the VIP theatres before and I was so amused lol.

This was the lounge/waiting area before you go into the movies.

You can get drinks, snacks, whatever there and chill until your movie starts.

I didn't take a picture of the washrooms, but I should have LOL
They were so nice too.

I had an awesome birthday this year and celebrating with my friends and family made me feel so loved

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