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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Seattle - Crab Pot & Gum Wall

Another late post haha.
Despite having been to Seattle quite a few times, I never got to try the Crab Pot or see the gum wall, so the plan was to do those two things.

Before heading out...
Wearing the yellow bag I got for my birthday. Loving how bright and yellow and happy it is haha

The weather was superb!
I hadn't seen the sunshine in such a long time TuT... but it was still cold.

Lunch time at the Crab Pot =D

Our appies:

And what we came here for!

On the way to the gum wall, look what I saw at the market place...
This has got to be the most gigantic garlic I've ever seen

And ta-da... the gum wall...
It looks disgusting up close lol

Shopping after sight-seeing.
I saw Adventure Time hats!

And the best way to end the night?

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