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Info Stuff

Who's Kiwi?

Hi, you!
First of all, welcome and thank you for dropping by at my blog =]

SO... Who is Kiwi? That's me!
I'm a super petite asian girl, who goes by the name Kiwi, and the owner of this blog (obviously).


What's up with your name?

The name Kiwi was actually a nickname that I got from one of my friends a long time ago. So long that I don't even remember how that nickname came to be.
It doesn't matter, though. I like the name, and have been using it for a long time, so there.


WTF is your blog about?

Yes, I know.
My blog seems like it is all over the place.

This blog is where I write about what goes on in my simple, daily life. Some of the entries may just be posts about how I stayed home that day, doing nothing at all... Others, about random things I find. Basically, this blog is the 24/7 of my life.

However, if you haven't noticed already, most of my entries are usually about food, makeup, beauty, and last but not least... nails <3

I have only started to make my blog public in July 2011. Entries before then are made to only let myself see so they may be extremely uninteresting to a public audience. So if you are wondering why some of the older entries are more personal, that is why.


Your nail art techniques are strange.

I have never gone to some super pro school that teaches you how to do nail art properly, but I do like to share to my readers how I do my nails. I like to post up my nail art tutorials here because I want to share to you guys how I do my nails and hope that some of you may like my designs.
Hence, some of my techniques may not be the best ones so feel free to give me tips =]

If my tutorials confuse you, I apologize in advance.


Paid blog posts

There are certain blog posts where I get paid to talk about certain products or websites for advertisers.
I want to make it clear that these posts are my honest opinions. I am not endorsing the advertisers and the reviews or blog entries are not gonna be all positive.

If you would like to advertise on my blog, click here =]


Can you do a blog post for me/my products?

It depends.
I do not write blog entries that are completely irrelevant to my blog - although my blog topics can be pretty broad.
Right of the bat, I can tell you that I will NOT do any entries on/with pornography, illicit drugs, graphic images, etc. You can basically judge with your common sense what I will be willing to write about.
Click here for more info on advertising.


So how much is advertising on your blog?

Please click here for details if you are interested in advertising on my blog.
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