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Friday, March 9, 2012

Nails: White roses & bling

Finally, a nail-art tutorial =D
I have not posted a nail tutorial in a while... but here's one now!
These nails are super girly and fun. You will get your pretty fingers noticed for sure with all the bling ;)

I did these nails for my birthday (which I will post about probably in the next post lol), but I think these are quite wearable and not too crazy, so you can actually wear them out casually - or at least, I did.

STEP 1: Base - Pale pink.
I painted my nails a pale pink color (using OPI's Sweetheart - 3 coats).

STEP 2: White slanted tips.
Using a white nail polish, paint diagonal tips on your nails.

STEP 3: Pink glitter.
Take a pink glitter (here, I used BCBG's nail polished Charmed) and swipe along the line of the white tip you've just painted.

STEP 4: Add 3D roses.
Pick the fingernails you want to add the roses on, and stick the roses on the pink glitter lines.
I recommend not putting roses on all the nails as that may look too overwhelming if you are not going for the "super special event look".

STEP 5: Add hologram flakes.
Take some silver hologram flakes and add them around the pink glitter line.

STEP 6: Add the rhinestones.
The final bling step is to add the rhinestones!
Add silver rhinestones to the bottom half and pink rhinestones to the top half.

STEP 7: Top coat.
Protect the beauties with a top coat and you're done =]

Hope you guys like this design and hope you will try it out!

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