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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cruise, ramen & dessert

I went on a mini 3-hour dinner cruise last week and I didn't get the time to blog about it, so here I am, blogging about the night a week later lol.

Anyway... It was sort of misleading how they named it "dinner cruise", yet dinner was not included. You had to pay extra to get food. And then you will be on another boat with food available... So why name it "dinner cruise"? =_=
Oh well. Let's forget about that.

Once on the boat, here is a table for us =D
(I blurred the bottom on purpose lol)

We set sail as the sun was setting

Pretty view!
It would have been prettier if there were fewer clouds though.

A group picture on the deck.
It was so cold! You can probably tell since we were all huddled up lol

One of the pics we took when we were inside - where it was nice and warm and not crazy windy lol

The cruise was nothing too special, but it was still fun! And the people onboard were really friendly too.
At the end, people were dancing in a line around the boat lol. Maybe they had a little too much to drink.

Since the cruise did not provide us with food, we went to fill our tummies at Kintaro. Nothing beats a cold night better than a bowl of hot ramen =9

Cheese Ramen
Look at the huge pile of shredded cheese + the extra slice on top. Yummmm!

Miso Ramen
A classic yummy. Jackie ordered this, but with rich, extra fat pork and an extra stick of butter. I will not even post a picture of that because it will make your screen greasy D=

After ramen, we finished a great night with...

So many cute little cakes to choose from:

To make life harder for those who have choice-phobia:

And of course, macarons *u*

I was still super full from my bowl of cheese ramen, so we got a pack of macarons to go so I can eat it at another time.
It was a really fun night... Except that it was a little too cold to be on a cruise at this time. Maybe I'll do it again when summer comes around XP

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