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Friday, March 2, 2012

Nail tips

This is gonna be shorter post than usual.
I just wanted to share some nail tips that helped me because my nails have been chipping and cracking like mad and they are just becoming weaker than before (I guess I need more calcium).

(In case you are wondering, I am wearing OPI Sweetheart - 3 coats.)

Some of the tips may just be quite common sense or maybe you already know about them, but here goes:

  1. Always, always moisturize! - My hands are very dry to begin with, but I was so lazy to put on hand cream or lotion. However, I find that keeping your skin (and cuticles) moisturized helps =D
  2. Be gentle with your nails - I'm pretty sure this one is a given. Things like wearing gloves when you do dishes, and not using your nails as plastic wrap openers... (I used to offer to help people open things with my nails because I was always the one with the longest nails. But that was a bad idea.)
  3. Use a nail file instead of a nail clipper - I find that this is especially helpful when your nails are dry. Using a clipper can easily crack your nails. Instead, I use a nail file to trim my nails now.
  4. Shape them! - I used to always shape my nails like an oval and got cracks very easily. For some reason, when I shape my nails like rounded rectangles (like shown in the picture), they crack and chip less easily.
  5. Let your nails breathe - After covering your nails with polish for weeks, you should let them rest. I usually leave my nails unpainted for about a week or more every two nail designs (if that makes sense).

Of course, you can always treat your nails with cuticle cream and nice oils and things, but I'm just naming a few things you can do without going to the store to buy products.

Hope my tips were helpful. If you have any nail tips, please share ^_^

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