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Saturday, July 3, 2010


Spent my day with Karen and Xtine =D
Around 8pm-ish, we randomly decided to go to the night-market.

Giant McD coffee cupYummy night-market food that is so bad for you D=The weather was so strange. It was so sunny and then started to rain near the end of the day, but it only lasted a little bit.

I'm so happy to actually just stay home all day today XD.
I also attempted at dying my hair back to the reddish-brown it was a while ago, but the dye I used this time wasn't as strong (I guess). The color doesn't show up that well =(

Aside from that, I've been just bumming around and tweaking around with my site.
I need some exercise...


  1. It is me again!!

    beg u dont know who i am haha

    Mr. Anonymous

  2. opps i mean bet" hahahhahahahahhahahahha


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