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Friday, July 16, 2010

Arriving in Shanghai!

We have arrived in Shanghai!
The weather here isn't as hot as I imagined it to be... just very humid.
The first thing we see when we get out of the airport are free lighters for people to grab O_o. People smoke everywhere here...

Some funny-labelled can at the airport XD

We checked into our little apartment hotel thingy. It's small, but it looks so cute and cozy XD

The view from our room

Then we went to eat dinner at an All-You-Can-Eat teppanyaki place. It was only $150RMB per person... Not only was it cheap, they also had no limit on the orders of sashimi (not that I eat any lol), and fruit smoothies and milkshakes. The menu choices weren't crappy food either. Only drawback during the dinner was that we were all too tired to enjoy it properly. I wasn't even full, but I was so tired and I just didn't have the appetite to eat anymore.

After dinner, we came straight home, washed up, and dropped unconcsious on our beds XP

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  1. yay!! update update!!!

    The hotel looks nice, i want to live in one haha
    unlimited sashimi hhhmmmmmmm............

    By me


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