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Saturday, July 17, 2010

First steps in Shanghai

Our first morning in Shanghai...
We went to Starbucks for breakfast. They have drinks that we don't have in the Canada or the states.

My breakfast sandwich. Yum yum!

Then we rode the subway to go to the Shanghai Expo.

Coca cola... My favorite part of the Expo... even though we didn't go in LOL.

Cool pillar things XD
China's display
Ice cream!The line-up just to get in the Expo was huge. Once we got in, to get into the individual countries' little display houses, there were more line-ups. And depending on which country it was, the line-ups ranged from an hour to over three hours.
To be honest, I didn't enjoy the Expo. We lined up for the less popular "palodiums", but the wait was still around an hour to get in. Once we got in, it felt like I was in a section of science world... it took less than two minutes to go around the whole thing. Totally not worth the wait. The people there were extremely pushy and very aggressive in the lines. A ton of people would just push and shove and budge into the line. This also applied to line-ups for the washroom, which made the wait extra long.

After a long day at the Expo, we had a nice dinner. The food was good =D And it was so cheap too!

So... after our experience at the Expo today, none of us feel like going back there during the rest of our stay in Shanghai... even though we still have tickets for it.

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  1. More update yay!!

    i think i will hv road rage waiting in the line haha.

    The food looks good!, huge ass burger haha

    more update pls =)

    by me


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