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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Visiting old Shanghai

Instead of Shanghai Expo, we went to see old Shanghai today. All the buildings there were so nice. We also visited this garden built really long ago. It felt like I went back in time to visit ancient China XD.

I got to dress up in their robes XD
It was so thick though... I was sweating like crazy

I was enjoying everything except the people there. I really can't stand how people here are so pushy and aggressive. It's just rude to be pushing the person in front of you in a crowd. It's even worse in the subway stations... The rule about letting passengers get off first before you get on? That doesn't exist here. Every time the train door opens, it's like a war between the passengers trying to get off and the ones trying to get on.

Anyway, the day wasn't as harsh as yesterday's, and we came back to the hotel pretty early to rest before dinner.
We ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant that had all these unique sushi dishes I've never seen before.

Sushi!! XD
Fried veggie cake
Crab & cheese roll
Salmon sashimi sushi
Seafood ramen

Too bad we didn't get to try a lot of the things on the menu... there were too many XP, but the dishes that we did try were pretty good =D
Our whole meal was so cheap hahaha

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  1. haha thats so cute the dress you were wearing XD


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