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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New Layout + Essay Hangover

After a brutal night last night trying to finish our 10-page paper for our class, Ching and I were having an essay hangover... Well, I'm not sure about her, but at least I felt like I was having a hangover, except I was dizzy and nauseous from not having enough sleep from writing an essay, not alcohol. How fun.

It was impossible for us to focus in class today with such little sleep... I just poked at my phone for the whole three hours of lecture.
Thank goodness, our friend was nice enough to drive us back from school when his class was over so we didn't have to bus.

When we got back to Richmond, we went to eat at 大頭仔 Bubble World. I didn't even know they've opened one up here in Richmond XP.

Milky Honey Tea (I think?)
Haha... I don't remember. It was Ching's drink. Pretty good.
I didn't really like the foam on the top, but she did =P

Milky Strawberry Mango Mix Slush
Whoa. This thing was so huge. Look at the size of the cup in comparison to my hand lol.
It was yummy too. And it was only $4.95 for such a big cup!

Ching and our friend ordered meals. I was way too sleepy to eat.

One of the side dishes that came with the meals was this cabbage dish thing...
It was cabbage soaked in vinegar?... I think?
I usually love sour stuff, but this was horrible. So horrible that I had to take a picture of it to point it out lol.


Aside from my day of exhaustion, I have also changed the look of the blog.
Gonna try out this new layout for a bit. I've also added "glasskiwi@blogspot" in fancy photoshop letters instead of just using plain text to see how that works out. If it's too distracting, I'll take it away XP.


  1. "glasskiwi@blogspot" in fancy photoshop letters is AWESOME!

  2. ommooo... the drinks are so tempting! btw I like your new layout! cuuute <3

  3. @Ching: yay XD. Then I can leave it on haha.

    @Lina: thank you ^_^. and the drinks were very decent for the price haha


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