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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ramen & Waffles!

Class was hella boring... as usual... So I started playing with Ching's hair.
I wanted to braid her hair. Initially, she refused to let me because she said she'd look like a village girl LOL, but I win.

Look at the awesome mini fishtail braid.
She looks so cute X3 (Thanks to me. You're welcome, haha!)

After class, we went to downtown to eat ramen with her beloved.

Both Ching and I's favorite ramen place (so far) =D
Motomachi Shokudo on Denman

Juicy, juicy. So good.

Shio Ramen
This is the ramen I usually order when I eat here, but not today...
This was property to be devoured by Tony.

Dark Miso Ramen (aka Charcoal Bamboo Ramen)
Ching and I shared this one.
I found the soup to be a little too thick this time and a bit too salty... not sure if that has anything to do with the fact that we ordered extra ramen noodles so the noodles soaked up the water?
And of course, we had to order extra eggs. They have really yummy eggs lol.

Before poor Tony could digest his ramen, we went for waffles at WE Coffee on Robson.
I was so excited because I've been wanting to try their waffles for the longest time!

Interesting. They had their logos up on the ceiling too.

London Fog Tea
Damn I took a good pic of it, didn't I?

Strawberry + Ice Cream Waffles
Take a look at this heavenly goodness and tell me you don't want to try some.
It's impossible to turn away, isn't it?

After a super filling dinner & dessert, we headed home.
I guess I haven't walked to this side of the Canada Line for a while because when I got off at the Richmond Brighouse stop, I saw this and I was surprised:

I had no idea that that area had turn into a waiting area for taxis.
Reminds of Hong Kong. I miss Hong Kong =(

I feel fat from eating that unhealthy goodness today... my food baby is growing happily, unfortunately.

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  1. LOL when u tai pak me ><" i must playing on my phone hee
    lol i m being lazy today~ and u basically said everything I want to say here!!I will refer your link in my blog =)))


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