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Friday, July 22, 2011

New Nails + Meanie Oscar at Steveston


I've been neglecting my nails for a while... because I was busy and lazy. More on the lazy side, but...
My nails finally get some color again XD
I realized that I didn't do a very good job painting the pink now that I'm looking at the pictures.
But give me a break, I did these late at night... /excuse

Pink & Orange gradient nails =]

It was a really nice day out today. The sun is finally out after days (or maybe even a whole week) of gloomy, chilly weather.
I woke up super late because I was so tired...
Ching called me and asked me if I wanted to take her dog, Oscar, on a walk with her. Of course I do!

So she came over with Oscar. Muffin didn't welcome the small dog at all.
Look how scared he got LOL
Such a scaredy cat! (pun hahaha)

We decided to bring Oscar to Garrypoint for a walk.
While we were there, we decided to eat.

Lining up for Fish n' Chips at Pajo's.

Oscar with sunglasses. So cute!!

I noticed Fish Nuggets on the menu. Both of us have not tried it, so we decided to give it a try.
It was a very decent portion for $5.99. It was good, but the only thing we didn't like was that were was so much batter and not enough fish, haha.

Oscar really wanted some of our fish n' chips.
Ching was being so mean and taunting Oscar with little pieces XD

There were two guys behind us... who were trying to hit on Ching... or Oscar hahaha.
We started to camwhore while waiting for our foods and trying to block the guys at the back

LOL this photo is hilarious...
I was laughing at my horrible camwhore skills. It shows how horrible my skills are since I took the pic at such a bad time.

Yay. A nice pic! We failed to completely block the guy in the back though LOL

After fish n' chips. It's frozen yogurt at Timothy's. It's a must for me =D

Strawberry frozen yogurt. Yummy =D

After feeding ourselves, we finally did what we went to Garrypoint to do; take Oscar on a walk. Haha.

There were so many people flying kites on the field.
Can you spot the four kites in this pic? XD (lol sounds like some stupid kid game...)

Ching loves Oscar

We saw some super pretty flowers on that dead-looking piece of land. I wonder if they were wild flowers... but they were so pretty!
Bahahahaha I LOVE this picture I took of Oscar with those pretty flowers.

Lol. Isn't he a pretty boy with that flower on his head?

Later on, this group of people with their beautiful dog came and Oscar made a new friend... kind of.
They didn't particularly liked each other, as you can see from this picture.
Haha. They only sat together because their owners told them to =P.
Once we took the photo, Oscar ran away.

The other dog's name is Nina - unsure about the spelling. She was so friendly and unlike Oscar, who bites me >=(. 

And now, I will post some extremely beautiful pictures taken on Ching's phone.
She has this app that makes our skin look flawless and glowy XD

Look at her awesome camwhore skills! She even got that unknown-object statue at the back that we wanted to take a picture of. Hahaha.

Pictures with the pretty flowers =P

To Ching: I know this picture is a bit blurry, but I like this pic of you better than the other one because you look cuter and happier in this one XD

Oscar refused a kiss from Ching. Such a mean dog D=

Then it was dinner-time for fluffy Oscar, so we left.

While driving back, Oscar sat on my lap! XD
He was so warm and fluffy. I want to keep him... but Muffin would disapprove, haha.

Such a fun day today ^_^. I had so much fun chilling with Ching and attempting to take pics of Oscar... and with him of course lol.


  1. I love ur nails!!! =) did u paint them urself? oscar such a meanie compared to nina ! LOL i wish he is more friendly, but on the other hand, u'll feel special he only treat u nice XD heehee and thanks for the ride to Steveston!

  2. Yes, I did them myself. They were actually really easy to do. I can help you paint yours too XD

    I will win Oscar's love one day hahaha


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