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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Magnetic Cafe Has Repelling Food

There's this bubble tea place called Magnetic Cafe, formerly known as Go-Go Tea. It's been opened for a while, but I never got the chance to try it. Then, strangely, I ended up going there two night in a row. (Don't ask...) Yesterday was my second time there.

First of all, I must say that their drinks are too sweet.

Strawberry & Blueberry Frappe
This was the drink I tried on the first night. It was WAY too sweet. I only drank about half and decided to just sip on water afterwards =_=

My Custom Drink
I wanted a mixture of mango and coconut, so I asked the server if they could make that, and they did ^_^.
I asked for the drink to be half sweet, which turned out to be the perfect sweetness for me.
Guess you could say this drink makes up for the bad drink I had from the night before.

And just look at the size of this drink!
But because I liked it, I actually finished the whole thing. LOL

Now the food...
Honestly, I have not tasted food as bad as this at any Taiwanese restaurant before, let alone a bubble tea joint.

Taiwanese Cold Noodle
Wow. This was some gross ass shit.
The noodles were so hard that they could probably pass as uncooked noodles. The overall taste was not impressive either. We took two bites and left the rest of the plate untouched.

After that horrible cold noodle dish, I was still stupid enough to order a bowl of ramen - maybe my hunger took control of me...

Pork Chop Miso Ramen
This was... interesting. The soup itself did not taste bad. However, it had no trace of miso whatsoever.
The ramen noodles were pretty hard, too. And the pork chops that came with it were also not the greatest.

I'd say that Magnetic Cafe has decent drinks (if you ask for half sweetened drinks) in very large portions - which is a good thing? They have horrendous food in my book so far... maybe I was just unlucky enough to have ordered their worst foods on the menu. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and maybe try another dish if I happen to revisit.
The service was very good, though. The servers, who were dressed up in cutesy, almost cosplay-looking, uniforms, were very nice and friendly =]

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