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Friday, November 27, 2009

More Pop-Eye Pens

Since my hippo pop-eye pen got dyed red from rubbing against my red bag, I went to Staples to get another one... also saw this really cute octopus one, which I wasn't going to buy because I was trying to save money, but Jackie was trying to convince me to get the octopus instead of the hippo. I couldn't decide and bought both =_=". Oh well... I guess spending a few extra dollars won't hurt.

I got three of these awesome popping eye pens now XD.

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  1. I m reading your blog while studying and working haha =D. Help me pick a topic for my paper !

  2. Haha yes i kno you like octopussy. it's your fault i spent extra $!
    hmm... working AND studying? i dont believe you. you're probably on BCA hahaha

  3. what is the brand called?????????

  4. @ Nathan:
    The brand is called Merangue and I got the pens at Staples =]

    Here's the Merangue website for the pens:


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