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Advertising on my blog

Right of the bat, I can tell you that I will NOT advertise anything related to/with pornography, illicit drugs, graphic images, etc. You can basically judge with your common sense what I am willing to put on my blog.

Paid blog posts

There are certain blog posts where I get paid to talk about certain products or websites for advertisers.
Click here to see some of paid blog posts I have done.

I prefer to write entries about:
Makeup, beauty products or trends, fashion. However, other topics can be acceptable too.

I will NOT write about:
Pornography, illicit drugs, graphic images, etc.

Depending on how you want me to do the post for you, the cost is different.


Product reviews

I will only accept to do product reviews for products safe to use.
I will not pay you to send the product to me.
And please acknowledge that if you want me to do a review on your product(s), I will do so in my true and honest opinions. Do not expect 100% positive feedback from me on your product(s).

You can also send me products if you just want me to mention them in my blog posts but not require me to do a review on them. Just let me know in the email.


Sponsored Giveaways

These are blog posts that help promote your products by allowing my readers to have a chance to win a free product from your company.

I will only post sponsored giveways of items that I think are appropriate. Please contact me


Links in the sidebar

You can have either a text link (no description) or an image link to your site.
I will not link to sites with inappropriate content or with an excessive amount of pop-up or advertisements.

Having your link in my sidebar gives the best exposure to your site/product from my blog in comparison to other ways of advertising here.


How long will my ads last?

I will not delete the blog entries once they have been posted.

As for ads in the sidebar: If I do not receive payment, your ad will disappear.


So how much is advertising on your blog?

I cannot give a set price since it depends on what you need.

Blog entry:
Please email me (see very bottom of this post) about this since it depends on how you would like me to write the blog post. Usually, a short text blurb around 100-300 words will be about $10 - $20.

Product reviews:
I can review your product free if you ship it to me.
I can do one type of product per entry, or multiple in a single entry.

Sponsored giveaways:
Free of charge to post about the giveaway.
However, you must pay for the shipping charges necessary.

- Text link of your company/product's name
- Image links:
       - 50 x 50 banner
       - 125 x 125 banner
       Sorry, I am only taking these two sizes of banners for now.

Above are sample sizes for ads (excluding purple border)
50 x 50 // 125 x 125


Sounds good?
Shoot me an email at glasskiwiblog[AT]hotmail[DOT]com if you are okay with the above and want to advertise on my blog =]

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