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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Photo Journal 5

This is going to be a mix of random different days that I wanted to blog about but didn't.

First off... I had a quality fun catching-up date =]

This was my first meal of that day.
So unhealthy, but so tasty.

Funny story behind this photo:
We were sitting in the car camwhoring, trying to get a nice photo, but we didn't realize that there was some guy waiting for our spot haha. So for a really long time... he just stared at us, and watched us camwhored. He looked super annoyed. I feel bad for making him wait so long for our spot, but we really didn't notice him LOL

Saw these cute Aero chocolate bars.
Bought all three flavors there lol

This is what the chocolate bar looks like.
It looks different, but it taste exactly the same as the normal Aero. I don't know why they decided to market the chocolate this way.

Random night when my friends and I decided to try a newly opened restaurant, but we didn't make a reservation and the restaurant was fully booked, so we ended up eating at a pub hahaha

Here's my friend teaching me how to make a face that makes your cheekbones stand out more.
I'm obviously not very good at it. My mouth looks retarded but my face looks pointier lol!

Then when you give up, just use your hands to help haha!

That was also the night when we had really sad bellinis =(
I have never had such an ugly AND bad tasting bellini. Warning to those of you who eat at Wing's. Do not order their bellini D=

And completely opposite of the sad bellini, I had an extremely pleasant surprise one day after work.
No matter how crappy your day was at work, how can you not smile when someone gives you something this sweet? ^3^

Many more photo journals to come because it's easier to pack several days into one post like this haha

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