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Saturday, March 16, 2013



A ham and banana pizza?
Totally something that TMNT would eat. Actually, I was quite surprised that when I searched this up on google, there were tons of images of bananas on pizza haha. Makes me wanna try a slice...

(This is one of the images I found on google. The pizza doesn't look too bad, does it?)

To be honest, I have never really watched TMNT when I was younger. I only had a glimpse of random episodes while the series was on here and there, but I never sat down and watched an entire episode.
I finally watched the first episode ever this week and I actually quite liked it haha. I think I'm going to be filling up on some missed TMNT action this week before work starts.

If you guys are fans of the ninja turtles, check out this TMNT site:

There's quite a bit on the site, but go check out the shop section. I think they have some really cute t-shirts and sweaters XD

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