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Monday, March 4, 2013

Nails: Zebra Print & Glitter

I was browsing through Instagram and I saw some pretty nice looking zebra print nail art designs, so I thought I'd give my nails some zebra print love too.
Instead of doing zebra prints on the entire nail, I decided to do half of each nail with a white gradient and glitter =]

Here's a close-up

If you're interested in how I did these nails, please keep reading =D

STEP 1: Base coat + Light pink.
After applying a base coat (or a clear polish), paint half of each nail in a light pink color.
The photo makes the color look white, but it is actually a very light pink (specifically, it is OPI's Sweet Heart).

STEP 2: White tips.
Then, paint the tips of your nails with a white polish.
Don't worry too much about it not looking very "gradient-like" right now, because it will all blend together later.

STEP 3: Silver glitter polish.
Take a glitter polish and go over the "gradient" part of your nails.
This coat of polish should melt and blend the light pink and white colors together. + the glitter helps too.

STEP 4: Zebra stripes.
Using a brush or a toothpick (I used the latter), draw zebra stripes on your nails.
TIP: Alternate the stripes coming from left and right. You can make an occasional "V" as a stripe too.

After cleaning up and top coat, you will have your lovely zebra print nails ;)

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