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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Aquarium Timeee

Starting off the post with something that has nothing to do with aquariums...
My hair is long enough to be tied into a ponytail now! Yay!... Also not yay because it is at that awkward length now that it has to be tied in a ponytail if I don't flat iron it and don't want the ends to be poking out in different directions.

So... I went to the aquarium on Sunday.
I don't even remember the last time I went to the aquarium here haha.

Strange-looking yellow stick fish haha

Arctic char

A small stringray...

A big stingray.
Lol sorry for these lame photo descriptions.

Super blubbery beluga whale

There was a wall of photos of rescued seals.
They all looked so adorable! They all have that puppy-eyes face *u*

And I found this photo to be especially cute hahaha

Me underneath some glass thing, looking like a bobble-head.

There was a frog section in the aquarium. Either I have horrible memory and not remember this part of the aquarium from before, or it's new, but either way, it was pretty cool.
These frogs were so pretty:

Fire-bellied toad

Ooooohhh. Frog eggs!

Look what I saw in the gift shop...
A fat ball-shaped penguin plush toy haha

Lol and this...
It cracked me up.

Anyway... apparently, there was supposed to be some sharks and rays event going on at the aquarium, but we couldn't find it. When we asked about it, they just said that the sharks and rays were kinda all over the place in different tanks. Wtf. That was such a disappointment. I wouldn't call that an "event" =_=. But aside from that, going to the aquarium was quite fun. Only if it wasn't raining haha.

On a side note... I finally did my nails! Tutorial next post =]

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