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Monday, February 25, 2013

Birthdays means food

It was a food-filled weekend. Aside from eating out just because, there were two birthday parties so I felt like I did not stop eating the entire weekend. I ended up being so full that I was burping food back up hahaha (too much info?).

The first birthday dinner I went to was to celebrate Rilifit's birthday.
We had hotpot and sashimi and oh my gawd was I full X_X.

I really like this group pic and how it's like a fish-eye effect. Too bad not everyone was in it =(

One of my friends were eating sashimi like this... creative, no?
Some fish sashimi (I couldn't tell what was what lol) wrapped in beef sashimi.

Birthday cake!

I really love this photo. Everyone is laughing and so happy haha

A better one where we were ready... but couldn't fit everyone's faces D=

The one and only pic where no one was missing and no one was cut off haha

Happy birthday again, Rilifit XD


The next night was Goose's birthday din.
Izakaya time at Kingyo =]

I'm just going to spam some food porn now.

Pressed Mackerel Sushi


Pork Tempura

Stone-Grilled Beef Tongue

Chicken Karaage

Kingyo's Chashu Plate

Snow Crab Sushi? (Forgot the name)

Buttered Corn

There was also a Tuna Tataki and a Yaki-Udon and a rice but they were devoured before I remembered to take photos haha.

Group pic with the birthday Goose!

And one on a Polaroid =D

Happy birthday, dear Goose!

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