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Monday, February 18, 2013

Girl's din + Failed almond cookies =(

I went to dinner with two of my girl friends because we had this coupon for this restaurant that we have never even heard of lol!

I had a hard time trying to find the entrance to the restaurant because I didn't know it was inside a hotel =_=.

Anyway... started off the night with some camwhoring shots while we waited for the food.

Food's here!
By then, I was starving... and my stomach was hurting because I was so hungry...

First dish: Butter chicken =9
I wish it wasn't spicy though...

Fish & chips.
Honestly, this dish sucked. The batter was soggy and not crispy/crunchy at all.

Yam gnocchi =D
My fav out of the three dishes we ordered. Maybe it's because I'm a gnocchi fan.

Dinner was fun. I should go and use up my random coupons for all these places I have not been to so I can try all the different restaurants.

I found this recipe for almond cookies, so K and I baked (or attempted at baking) almond cookies for Valentine's Day...

Look at our sticky dough D=

If you ask me, I think the cookies turned out pretty nice-looking ;)
Unfortunately, they didn't have enough almond-ness and they didn't stay crunchy. I was so disappointed.
I am not sure if I just suck a baking or if it's the recipe's fault. Most likely the former, though haha.

How did you guys celebrate Valentine's Day?

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