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Sunday, February 10, 2013

New foodie adventures!

I haven't been to any new restaurants to try new food for a while, excluding dine-out haha.
So I was SO happy to have gone to these different restaurants the past two weeks =]

My friend brought me to this restaurant in Chinatown... and I cannot believe that no one has ever told me about this restaurant earlier! Their food was so good =9

I would tell you the name of the dishes, but since my friend ordered everything, I have no idea what the dishes are called haha. I didn't even look at the menu.

Here's some beef sashimi with a shit ton of cilantro on top (eww lol) but the beef was so good.

This was beef with rice and egg. Yum yum yum!

Deep-fried squid =D

Really yummy chicken wings with an amazing dipping sauce.

Next place...
My friends suggested to go to this restaurant because they had late night specials... and that is what we did.

Camwhore before going out ;)

Okay... this is the only photo I have of the food from that restaurant.
It's salmon and beef carpaccio.
Why do I only have one photo of the food there?
The food was tasty, yes. And the prices were good too since it was late-night... But the service... WOW. The service was mind-blowingly bad. Horrible!
We were in that restaurant for 3 hours because the service was so slow and they kept forgetting our order. One of our friends didn't even get his tea until our check came =_=.


While I was at the liquor store with my friend, we saw this Yellow Tail Pink Bubbles wine. It was so cute and pink and so we bought it to try haha.
I should have taken a photo of it before I teared away the pink wrapper...
The wine was a little pinkish in color too

We went to a Korean place called Zabu Chicken to try their chicken.
Look what it says on the menu:
Haha ignore the fobby English on there, but holy, the chicken has been deep fried 3 freakin times to ensure that the chances of you getting a heart attack is increased significantly.

Here are the triple-fried chicken.
They tasted good, but not like whoa good.
Let's just say more beer and soju was ordered than the chicken haha.


I'm going to end the post with this funny advertisement I found in a flyer...

What better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than getting your boo a heart-shaped cucumber, hey?

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