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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dine Out at Q4 Ristorante


It was dine-out time again!
My first dine-out dinner this year was at Q4 Ristorante / Q4 Restaurant.

Me + Ching. This was when I just arrived at the restaurant.
I was still cold from walking outside and still had my coat on.
(Her camera makes everyone look so beautiful haha)

Like I said, Ching's awesome camera is awesome. We started taking more pics with it.

Dominos effect!

Haha. It's like we all fell down like dominos and then got back up and smiled at the camera like nothing happened in the last pic.

And then...
here comes the food!


Salsicce Italiano
Grilled Italian sausage, caramelized onions, gorgonzola, mushroom ragu
Sausage was way too salty. 

Zuppa di Mare
Traditional 'New England' style clam chowder
The chowder didn't have any clam flavor.

Insalata Ortolana
Mixed organic greens, champagne vinaigrette marinated candy cane beets, sun-dried tomato vinaigrette
Meh. Tasted like any ordinary salad you can get anywhere.

Risotto ai Funghi
Wild mushroom risotto, truffle essence, parmigiano reggiano
This was very rich and creamy. Full of flavor. Yum =9

Filetto con Barbaforte
8 oz beef tenderloin, herb and horseradish butter
The steak was really juicy. And that tomato with cheese that comes with the dish is good lol.

Pesce al Limone
Pacific snapper, meyer lemon, basil, shallots, saffron verde
I found the fish too be a little bland =(

Ciliege Filate
Candied phyllo pastry, mascarpone and vanilla bean whip, sour cherries, red wine reduction

Cioccolato Fondente
Dark chocolate frangelico ganache torte, amaretti cookie crust
This was sweet but did not have enough cocoa flavor.
The cookie crust was dry and almost tasteless. Did not like.

Since we were not satisfied with our desserts, we went for a second round of desserts at Sweet Revenge.
Us, camwhoring a group pic while waiting for our sweets.

And... Ta-da!
Our yummies!

Raspberry creme brulee, chocolate mousse cake, and vanilla ice cream =9

During our sweet revenge-time, we also discovered this awesome camera mode on Ching's awesome camera.
The camera mode is called poster effect.
It makes our skin flawless, and makes whites whiter and darks darker lol

And so... we started to take tons of pics with that camera mode XD

Hahaha. We were trying to imitate this "chicken wing" pose, but obviously it has turned into something else.

And I will end this post with a photo of myself camwhoring using the poster effect haha

Good night! =]

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