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Friday, November 18, 2011

Random lunch gathering

Woohoo. Another post already =D
This post is a little over-due though...
Anyway... I've been playing this game on my iphone and it made me want to bake. Unfortunately, I'm not the best baker in the world, so I improvised by turning my would-have-been-baking-frenzy into a food-making-frenzy inspired by high-tea menus XP

I invited a few friends over for lunch so they can be guinea pigs to taste my food (lol I joke).
Here are all the munchies laid out on the table. It doesn't look like a whole lot, but this took me a long time to prepare/make!

On the menu:

Deviled eggs
Lobster summer salad (even though it is not summer)
Stuffed tomatoes
Cream chicken patty shells
Ham, tomato & cheese sandwiches
Smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwiches

Strawberry & mango tarts
Chocolate banana hazelnut tarts
Strawberry mousse cups
Candied apple slices

Fruit punch

Now I will show off my presentable food >=D

Deviled Eggs
Topped with mayo & paprika

Lobster Summer Salad
Lobster meat, avocado, cucumbers and grapefruit
Named it "summer salad" because it tasted very summery to me.

Stuffed Tomatoes
Halved tomatoes stuffed with a spinach, ricotta and ham mix.

Cream Chicken Patty Shells
Patty shells topped with creamy chicken mushroom sauce

Triangular ones are smoked salmon & cream cheese sandwiches, the square ones are ham tomato & cheese sandwiches

Strawberry & Mango Tarts
Copied this idea from the fruit tarts you always see at Asian bakeries XP

Chocolate Banana Hazelnut Tarts
Banana slices and hazelnuts mixed with nutella. Sprinkled with icing sugar.
One of the tarts had a overload of icing sugar by accident lol.

Strawberry Mousse Cups
Strawberry mousse topped with cool whip

Candied Apple Slices
Green apple slices drizzled with crunchy caramel and milk chocolate.

Fruit Punch
Cranberry & pineapple fruit punch with other fruits as garnish in the bowl.

Ching didn't just come over to the lunch gathering empty handed; She gave me this cute little sundae, which she made from beads! Super awesome XD
I'm going to think of a way to somehow hang this on my phone, even though iphones don't have a hole for cellphone straps.

Despite the long preparation and long clean-up, I had a lot of fun making all the food. I probably will do this again... but just not any time soon since I think I need some rest now, haha.

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