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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New nails!... I couldn't wait anymore

My nails have become really damaged. They are thin and brittle... and they keep breaking like crazy. I was going to wait until they are back to normal before I started doing anything with them again... but I couldn't wait anymore. They are almost all back to normal... So I started painting them lol.

Here's what I did with my nails this time.
If you like them, read on for the tutorial =]


STEP 1: Paint base coat.
Start with just a clear coat of nail polish. (Or a pale pink polish if you like.)
STEP 2: Paint nail tips.
Use a pink nail polish (I'm using OPI's Reserve - DS027) and paint the tips of your nails.

STEP 3: Paint on purple glitter.
Take a pinkish purple glittery nail polish and paint over the part where your pink polish ends.
I'm used Wet n Wild's Sparked 435G.

STEP 4: Add darker glitter.
Take a darker purple glitter polish and paint it near where the previous glitter polish ends. (I used China Glaze's CG In the City for this part.) You should end up with a pink to dark purple gradient like the one shown in my picture. This darker glitter will help with the contrast later on because I'm going to put some black stones on my nails.

STEP 5: Add some bling!
Try to use at least three different colors and stones of different sizes to create a slanted scattered line of bling bling XD. I just use a clear nail polsih to act as glue to "glue" these little stone decorations on.
See how harsh the black stones are? The dark purple glitter helps take away the contrast a little bit.

STEP 6: Top coat.
To make sure your hard work doesn't fall off on you, apply a top coat.
Once it dries, you can apply a second top coat - you know, just in case ;)

TIP: Skip the bling on some fingers.
I've skipped some fingers and didn't add any stones to those fingernails, because I don't like having too many stones on my nails - it will look too overwhelming for my liking.
(But of course, you can do all 10 fingers if you want to.)

What my hands look like:

The colors kinda remind me of the Barbie logo for some reason... with the hot pink and black and girly haha.
Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial and hope it wasn't too confusing ^_^".

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