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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Forever 21 earrings

I have no idea what has gotten into me lately...
I know I have assignment due, but instead of working on them, I can procrastinating by going on shopping sprees. Yes, that is plural. I am thinking about starting a new blog to use as my shopping log... because I like to take pictures of things I try on and then come home and think about whether or not I should buy them.

Well... here is one part of my procrastination shopping splurge; earrings from Forever 21.
I was actually going to buy more, but with other items I bought that day, the total cost kinda scared me so I eliminated some away lol.

These cupcake earrings are so adorable! They also come in silver with colorful stones.

I  thought this was cute and not too over-the-top. Easy to match with many things =]

I fell in love with the blue and vintage-like look of these earrings.

So similar to the blue ones above, but these are smaller. They also have a very classic vintage look. These work so well with many things I have in my wardrobe.

I'm not too fond of the pair of gold roses in the middle, but I love the top and bottom pairs XD
Because I don't want to bore you guys with other things I bought (or have tried on but thinking about buying), I will probably post about them if I do start a new blog to keep track of my spendings...

Check out below to see some of their earrings.
Some of their earrings are only $1.50... What?? O_o

Oh. Black Friday is here. I guess the spending doesn't stop there...

Have you guys gone on any shopping sprees yet?

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