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Friday, November 25, 2011

Dear david's graduation!

Note: Started a new blog just to post my shopping "adventures" so this blog is not spammed with shopping entries. Visit blog here.

It was my dearest David's graduation!!
Jackie and I were all ready to go to his convocation but things did not go as smoothly as planned.
It started to rain like dog shit outside and became extremely windy.

We left the house a little late and to make things better... there was a road block for a reason not known to us. The whole bridge was blocked off and none of the cars could go on. There was a huge traffic jam because of that.
As if the traffic jam wasn't bad enough, the bridge that was blocked off was actually the route we needed to take =(

Nothing better than to take pictures to pass the time in a traffic jam, am I not right? Haha.

We got him these super colorful pretty flowers <3

The weather was horrid outside, but at least it was good lighting for camwhoring.
These camwhoring pics came out so nice because of the blur from the car moving and the nice lighting! Haha!

Along with the flowers, we also got him a Mario mushroom lol
It is hiding among the flowers (we are so lame).

We took pics inside the house because the weather was still so ugly outside. And none of us wanted to risk having our hair messed up.

Wish we took more pictures =(
I hate rainy weather.

On the other hand though, I am so happy for David! I know he's worked really hard and put in a lot of hard work and effort studying. I can't wait til I am free from school.

Because he had to eat dinner with his family, I went shopping with Ching.
I spent a lot... but when I got home, we found out that Black Friday sales were happening the next day and that the sales would only last one day... so we went for a round two shopping spree lol.

One of the first things we bought...
Godiva chocolates. Yummy <3

I had a lot of fun shopping with Ching ^_^
I don't want to make this blog entry super long with my shopping spree blah blah, so you can see my shopping log blog. (Yes, I actually started a new blog for my shopping log purposes haha.)

Hope you guys had some good finds during Black friday sales too!

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