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Monday, January 30, 2012

New nails that did not last

Rambling ahead.

I wanted to do my nails before a night out - actually, two night outs. I wanted my nails to be nice and blinged up for my nights...
HOWEVER... I was stupid enough to leave them until the last minute (okay, maybe not minute... maybe like last 2 hours). I wanted to do a tutorial for the nails, too, but I was so super rushed and I didn't have time.

To be honest, I didn't even have time to let the nails dry thoroughly before I left the house.
So what happened to them?

As you can see, the not-completely-dried polish on the thumb has been squished =(

I didn't even have time to put a top coat on the nails so some of the stones and beads fell off as well.
I forgot to take a picture of the nails before they were destroyed, but here is what my nails look like now.

A little chipped, squished, and stones/beads fallen off.

I was hoping that these could last me like two weeks because I am so lazy to redo them lol. I guess I'll have to redo them =(
Oh well... I think the color combinations could be better anyway, right? XD

I will post about my fun dine-out nights next post.
For now, here is a freaky photo of me that shows off my nails, make-up and my new color cons... So enjoy.

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