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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Nails: Yellow Polka Dot French

Nail art tutorial, as promised ;)

These nails are super easy to do!
Please read on for the tutorial.

The picture above was under natural sunlight, whereas the pictures used in the tutorial steps are taken at night in my room's very yellow lighting.
This nail design is super simple. Only four steps =D

STEP 1: Base - shimmery clear coat.
I started with a coat of a clear base coat with a bit of shimmer/glitter in it.
You can always just use a clear polish instead of using glitter.

STEP 2: Yellow french tips.
As if doing a french manicure, paint the tips of your nails yellow (this was 2 coats of NYC's Taxi Yellow Creme, you may need to apply more to cover the streaks).
Yes, I know I did a crappy job because it looks so sloppy, but the sloppyness will be covered up later XD

STEP 3: Polka dots.
Take a toothpick (or a dotting tool, if you have one) and use it to make white polka dots on the yellow french tips.

STEP 4: Rhinestones.
Line the bottom of the yellow french tips with rhinestones.
Finally, apply a top coat to protect the prettyness and you are done =D
This tutorial was pretty short and simple, but hope you guys liked it!

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