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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Claire's Nail Polish Haul

You have probably already heard of a nail polish from Claire's that changes colors. They are called "mood polishes", but I think they just change colors according to temperature. Anyway, I have wanted to try them for a long time but (I don't know why) I never actually went to Claire's to buy any.

Today... I finally went inside a Claire's, looking for those mood polishes.
I spotted some other nail polishes that looked like good finds since they were inexpensive. Plus, they were having a buy one get one 50% off sale thing =D

Everything I got is available on their site as well. I'll add links to the products I mention.

These polishes were so cute!
I am not too crazy about the purple or the blue in this package, but I couldn't resist the cute caps.
They are called Konnichiwa Nail Polishes lol (link).

I also saw sets of mini polishes.
I grabbed the set with lots of glitter (out of stock on website - a different, but also glittery set here). These may be fun to layer with =D

Testing them out on the black cardboard box:

And finally... the mood polishes (link)!
I bought two colors... Or should I say four?

Here is what they look like on the nail:
The pink one dries up totally matte.
The purple one also turns a tiny bit matte once dried. It isn't as shiny as it looks when it is in the bottle.

So... Do they actually change colors?
Yes! That, I am very happy about =D

HOWEVER... To my disappointment, both polishes chip very easily.
I've only had the polishes on my nails for about an hour or so and look at how it is chipped already. I wasn't even doing anything vigorous - in fact, I was just sitting and watching TV.

I have still yet to try the other polishes on my nails aside from the mood ones, but now I feel like I don't even want to use them. What if I decorate my nails with the polishes and they chip off after an hour? That would be a total waste of effort.

On a different note...
My family and I are getting ready to move. I am super excited =D
I'll be packing and cleaning my room some time during the coming week... That is going to take me a while to do.

Let me show you a little corner of my room:

Lol. I literally have to step on the bags to get to my closet.
My room is going to be even smaller once we move to the new house. I'll have to learn to be neat D=

Enough rambling...
I'm going to end my post here.
I will post a nail art tutorial soon ^_^

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