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Monday, February 6, 2012

Dine out at Griffin's

Another dine-out entry!
I went to Griffin's at the Fairmont hotel with gorgeous ladies.

Unfortunately, picture quality sucks because my camera is freakin ghetto.

Here's one group pic of us girlies... looking like we are two groups of people who don't know each other lol!

And now, the low quality food pictures...

Complementary bread with sundried tomato dipping sauce.
This was sooo good!

Cauliflower soup with blue cheese.
I felt that the cheese was too strong for this soup.

I forgot the name of this, but it was good lol.


And... a dessert buffet XD

After dinner, everyone had to go home because of work and school, except Eva and I.
We decided to go to Kamei Royale to chill since we didn't feel like home time yet.

We ordered this Ume Japanese Plum Wine...
it was SO GOOD!
The best plum wine I have tasted ever.

I will abruptly end my post now because I'm hungry and I need to go cook something to eat =D

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