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Friday, February 10, 2012

An update for things I forgot to update on

What the title says.
I realize that I forgot to blog about some of the stuff from before. I already had the photos edited but I totally forgot about updating D=

First, let me start off this post with this following photo:

Either the driver really needs to retake his/her driving lessons, or he/she is just an asshole.
I have seen people take up two parking spots before because they've parked really badly, but this was the first time I saw someone take up four parking spots.

Aside from that photo that I wanted to show you guys, I also forgot to upload these photos of deliciousness - which I will show now:

This was from another one of my guilty-pleasure moments at Denny's.
A super delicious egg benny with red potatoes =9

And their apple crumble to go with my meal XD

Mmm... desserts.
Here are some from ABC Country:

Baked banana? Sorry I forgot what this was called.
I just remember that it was really good lol

And bwahahaha...
Oreo goodness!

I love filling up my blog posts with food porn ;)

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