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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Deborah Lippmann polishes from Juicy

I am so excited!
I have always wanted to try out polishes from the Deborah Lippmann line. I got myself a set from Juicy Couture. They sell it in a set of 3 for $48, which means $16 for each bottle. That is not bad, considering that buying single bottles of these polishes range from $16 - $20 per bottle. When I purchased the set, Juicy was having a 30% off sale, so I feel that this set was a really good deal =D

Here's what the pretty package looks like:

The three colors (left to right):
Believe, Here Comes the Queen, Jewel in the Crown

And check out the caps of the nail polish bottles.
The tops look like rhinestones. The regular Deborah Lippmann polishes don't have these pretty caps... Juicy never fails at making their products glamorous haha.

Now, the most important part; the actual polishes.
I tested out the polishes on some plastic nails:

From left to right:
Believe, Here Comes the Queen, Jewel in the Crown

Here's a closer picture of Here Comes the Queen.
The glitter/sparkles in the polish are not uniformly shaped like most other glitter polishes I have. The glitters in this polish are all different shapes and different sizes.

I decided to put a coat of that glitter on top of the other two colors.
Excuse the two dents on the left nail... I accidentally dug my nails into it before it dried.

I have not tried the polishes on my real nails yet, so I don't know if they are durable, but the application seems quite smooth from applying the polishes on the plastic nails.
I love the glitter effect that Here Comes the Queen gives... Can't wait to try these out =D (I have to wait for my chipped and cracked nails to grow out first, though.)

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