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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas eve + NYE recap

A little overdue. Just a little.
Here's my crappy recap of my awesome Christmas eve and new years eve this year =D
I'm going to make this short - partly because I am lazy and partly because I don't have that many pictures to post up.

Christmas Eve

My friends and I were planning to dine at a fancy restaurant but because it was Christmas eve, most western restaurants were closed at 8pm. I think that is just stupid. I understand that, yes, it is Christmas eve and you want to spend time with family, but don't they know it is also when families and friends go out and eat and spend? (Maybe I am too Asian?)

So we ended up going to Guu.

Us camwhoring in the ugly parking lot.
Sorry we squished you, K XD

My hair is flat and gross from work and I did not have time to wash or fix it =(

Waiting for food.

After dinner, we joined my other friends.
We did a gift exchange, and took a picture with us holding our gifts, but that is a bad picture...
So here is a picture of us who took part in the gift exchange but are not holding the gifts lol

After many attempts of a camwhore pic of us, we finally got one without some weird shadow on our faces.

It was a fun night spending my Christmas eve with such fun, awesome people =]
It felt as if new years was only the day after...

New Years Eve

This was the most calm, pleasant, peaceful NYE I have had in years!
We just wanted to do a very small gathering at my friend's house and just chill together instead of getting sh*t-faced together for the first time lol!

(Not very many pics from the night. I'm still waiting for pics to be sent to me haha)

Before count-down. With Ching <3


I made some fruit tarts ^_^...
well, more like put together some fruit tarts, since I didn't really make anything here lol

I actually enjoyed my new years eve a lot this year.
I counted down to 2012 sober and remembered every bit of the night. And my night did not come to an end with me hugging the toilet.
Spending my new years eve so peacefully was not a bad decision... especially after a crazy Christmas Eve.

I was just happy to have spent the first hours of 2012 with some of the people I loved =D

And now, I will end this entry abruptly by posting a super awesome sexy pose my cat made on New Years Day:


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