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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photo Journal 1

From now on, I will name these posts where I just post photos about stuff that happened in previous days because I was too lazy (or did not have enough) to blog about those days by themselves. So here is my first photo journal =]

My bangs were getting so long, so I have resorted to splitting them in the middle.
My bangs have been side-swept for the longest time, so they still tend to go on one side.

This was the first day I had my hair like that and you can tell that my hair naturally tends to go to my right.

Randomly met up my Chch <3

I was so bored at work.
Inspired by the Kleenex box I had on my desk lol. Like my Tissue man?

Kitty photo time!

Haha... here is Muffin with one of his toys on his head.
He was probably thinking "I hate you and I would kill you if I wasn't so fat and lazy" in his head XD

Oh, look who is peeking at me from behind the blinds.
Hi, Mitten!

And here is Luka's nice kitty, Blacky. She was so big and fluffy haha.

The sun is here, but my exams and papers are also on their way. Boo =(

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