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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Boating & playground. Weeee

The weather has been really nice the entire week last week, so I went speed-boating with my friends.

Me driving the boat:

Bye bye, shore!

A group pic =D

Although driving the boat was really fun, I liked just sitting at the back and enjoying the scenery... but at the same time, having my hair blown all over the place lol

After boating and dinner, we stopped by Stanley Park to chill.

I saw this on the walking trail and I thought it was so funny...
I wonder if it really means something or if it was just painted there for fun.

The road is for people and penguins only! Haha.

We saw this swing that could seat all four of us and we waited for a long time for the small kids to leave so we could get our turn...

An attempt at a group photo while we were on the swing...
A failed, blurry picture but I still love this picture because it looks kinda candid and shows us all laughing XD

It was such a fun day and I felt like a kid again... playing on swings and monkey bars.
This is why I love summer <3

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