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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

How can something so good be so bad?

What is the title referring to? I'm talking about something that everybody loves - food.
What do the following two foods have in common?

Aside from looking tasty and tasting tasty, the other thing they have in common is that they are probably not doing any good to your body's overall health. Both are foods that I like to eat (I also love to eat all the deep-fried, greasy, carby goodness too fml).
One is a plate of instant noodles coated with wax and preservatives with other "proteins" that barely contain any protein. The other is basically a bar of frozen cream dipped in chocolate and nuts.

Summer seems to have just arrived in the blink of an eye. June was still so gloomy and suddenly, summer is here. With me consuming all this unhealthy food, not only am I getting my waistline "unready" for summer, I am also putting lots of bad and not enough good into my body.

I'm sure many of you have already heard of diets that detox your body. These strict diet plans help you control what you put into your body. The Clean Program, for example, gives you a planned diet of drinking just a shake for breakfast and dinner, and you get solid food for lunch, with supplements in between. It is a way to detox and "reset" your body. I know people who have gone on detoxing diets and they all say that it was worth it.

Because of my current crazy eating habits, I don't think I will be able to jump directly into these detox diets, but reading about them certainly made me want to change the way I eat.

Do you guys have meal/diet plans you follow? Or do you just go ahead and eat whatever you feel like (like me)? Haha XD

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