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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Nails: Gold and red

Yay! New nails =D
This time, I made them super Christmasy haha.

I must apologize in advance about the quality of the photos.
I still haven't gotten myself a new camera yet and so all my photos are still taken with my phone. On that screen, the pics looked fine, but when they are blown up on the computer screen, I see that some of the weren't even in focus =_=.

As usual, a tutorial follows...

STEP 1: Shiny base color.
I started off with a light shiny base color (OPI's Up Front & Personal - just one coat).

STEP 2: White slanted tips.
Using a white nail polish, make slanted tips like shown in the picture.
LEAVE OUT the ring finger! We are going to use that as our accent nail.

STEP 3: Red stripes.
Use a red nail polish with a thin brush and make stripes on the white tips.
I made my red stripes slant toward the center of the nail on purpose (instead of slanting the stripes all at the same angle) because I wanted it to have a more candy-like look.

STEP 4: Gold stripes.
You can't have Christmas without gold ;)
Take a gold glitter polish and paint thin stripes next to the red ones.

STEP 5: Gold swirls.
Pick a darker gold polish that is not glittery (here, I used Love & Beauty's Gold - got the polish from Forever 21), and make swirly designs at the bottom of the white tips.
I used a toothpick to draw these swirls because I don't have any awesome tools =(

STEP 6: Repeat swirls + Paint accent nail.
Repeat and do the swirly designs on the other nails.
Using the same dark gold color, paint the ring finger nail.

STEP 7: Stones.
Add two red stones and one gold one in a line on the ring finger nail.

STEP 8: Tidy up & top coat.
You can tidy up any excess polish you got on your fingers with a Q-tip.
Then, apply a top coat to protect your beautiful design so they last til Christmas ;)

I really hope you guys liked this tutorial...
but if you didn't, that's okay... because I will be posting another one! Haha.
For some reason, I find these nails not bold and flashy enough for my taste, so I think I will re-do them - which means another nail tutorial =D

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