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Thursday, December 22, 2011

A mini recap

I haven't been talking about my little adventures (not really adventures) for a while... so here's a mini recap of some of the things I did during the past week.

First... a wonderful night of chocolate fondue with some of the most awesome girls in the world =]
Stupidly enough... I did not get a picture of the fondue pots we dipped the food into lol

I also went to check out the Gingerbread lane display at the Hyatt hotel.
It was like gingerbread houses heaven... there were so many of them.

They even decorated the inside of the gingerbread houses... Crazy!

A gingerbread light-house!
With water and everything. Amazing.

This one here blew me away...
It was so pretty. I wish I could shrink and walk inside. They need to build a real thing that looks like this.
This would be the most romantic place to have your date on Christmas Eve XD

In comparison to the above pictures of pretty gingerbread houses, I feel like the malls here need to step it up with their decorations...

Look... Ch and I took a picture with these decorations in a mall here... Look how lame they look. And this was the best decorated part out of the entire mall. The other parts had scary-looking teddy bears and ugly reindeers =(

After shopping around for days for Christmas gifts for other people... It is always nice to get something for yourself, don't you think? XD

Look at my e.l.f products haul.
I cannot wait to try out all these products lol!

No, that was not enough for me... I also got myself an eyeshadow palette.

I already have an 88-palette with nude colors, so I decided to get this one with all the sharp colors.
Oooooh so colorful. I wanna try all the shades all at once the minute I opened this up... but that wouldn't look very attractive so I must be patient >_<

And also my first YSL lipstick <3
I am SUPER loving this lipstick! It is so pigmented and so creamy.

Something aside from make up...
I saw Lindt chocolate on sale. Omfg must get! Lol

And lastly...
I am going to end this post with something I saw at a store that I found very creepy.

Look at these dolls O_O.

They freak me out.
They were so creepy that I just had to take a picture of them to show you guys. How in the right mind would buy these dolls for their kids? If I had these creepy things in my room, I'd get nightmares.

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