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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas gifting...?


Wow... last time I checked, Christmas still seems like weeks away. Now, it's like I am rushing to get my Christmas shopping done.

I have been going around shopping for gifts these past couple of days.
Here's my little stash so far!
I can't believe how much I have spent already. And no, I am not done my shopping yet, unfortunately.
How are you guys doing with your Christmas gift shopping?

I know sometimes it may be hard to think of a decent gift...
but maybe this following product can be a good gifting idea for moms, girl friends, or guy friends who like to look gorgeous.

What product am I talking about?
It's called the Catalytic Skin Tone Illuminator from Luminaze.

I have not tried this product yet, but I have read the descriptions and it seems like the closest product I have used to this is DiorSnow White Reveal Essence, which was around the same price.

This product claims to make your skin better in 7 days and that it is safe to use for sensitive skin, and it is supposed to remove dark spots. The product contains an enzyme that was harvested from a certain type of mushroom that surrounded trees. The area of the tree where these mushrooms grew had lost color... and that's how they got the idea of using this enzyme to help remove the ugly dark spots from our skin. However, if you are trying to use this to get rid of freckles, the site says it will not work. I wonder if it will work on my acne scars though haha.

Since this product is available in Nordstrom (in US) and the Bay (in Canada), I may go give it a try.
I bought a Clinique set that claims to also be effective in removing dark spots on the face for my mom as her Christmas present (I hope she does not read this because I haven't given the gift to her yet), but if I try this Luminaze product and feel that it may work better, I may go exchange it for the Luminaze product instead.

Good luck with your Christmas shopping! <3

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