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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Ready for the holidays

Exams are over (or at least for me, they are haha)... which means I can finally start enjoying my holidays!
Well, not really... because of work =(

But nonetheless, my holiday spirit will not be affected!

My friend really liked my snowflake nails I did last time (see tutorial here), so I did hers too... except with a twist. I added snowmen on her thumbs =D

And then, of course, I did my own nails too.
Mine are not holiday-themed, though. I have a Christmas themed nail design thought up in my head but I want to save that design for when it gets closer to Christmas.

Also, to go with my holiday spirit, I bought a pair of gold glittery pumps!
I actually did not intend on buying any new shoes for the holidays but I guess it was fate that I saw a pair of super pretty pumps that fit me - which surprised me since I am a size 4 - 4.5 feet size.

And you can't have holidays without including something fuzzy, right?
So here... I present you... a picture of me in a fuzzy sweater with my fuzzy cat hahaha

I got this sweater a few months back when I was in Hong Kong.
The detail on the back is so cute =]

Sorry I keep saying I will post up a nail tutorial soon but not doing so...
I will get my lazy ass around to doing it soon. I promise! Haha

Are you guys getting into the holiday mood too? ^u^

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