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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Aeropostale clothing for girls


Hello, my lovelies... Guess what?
Aeropostale is having a huge sale right now. Some of their pieces are even 60 - 70% off - both online (here) and in stores!
Their selection of clothing for girls actually have a smaller fit than other stores I know of. In fact, their XS sizing is almost perfect for me - it's just that the sleeves can be longer than desired on me.

To show you guys how their clothes fit on a petite person like me, I took some photos:

I tried to take three pieces of clothing with different fit so you guys can get an idea of how the pieces fit. That's why I took the blue sweater (which is a casual, not-too-fitted shape) and then the knitted cardigan (a fitted shape in a thicker material) and lastly, the long sleeve top (which is a thin, fitted material).

I think because Aeropostale's style is aimed at a younger age, the fitting is smaller.
Their style is very casual and girl-next-door. This is a great chance if you want to stock up on casual, comfy clothing since the prices are super duper discounted.

Hope this post was helpful =D

I am hoping to finish re-editing the photos of my new nails and I should post a new tutorial soon.
My desktop is still unwilling to cooperate with me =(

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