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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Mall decorations!

Another past-due update... but anyway... Many of the big malls in Hong Kong are always so nicely decorated!
I'm going to slightly spam this post with pictures of the nice decorations I saw =D

I went to New Town Plaza in Sha Tin with the intention of visiting the Snoopy Park there, but because of the typhoon (it was typhoon signal #8) the night before, they had to do some damage repair and the park was closed.
I wasn't totally disappointed since they still had this mini area in the center of the mall with these cute Halloween decorations set up.

Those decorations didn't look very Halloween-y to me... but at least they were cute XP.

Then I met up with KC and Goose and we went to Tsim Sha Tsui.
We walked in this mall - which I've forgotten the name to, and they had this fun display of Crocs shoes lol.

I'm not a fan of Crocs personally, but I had to take a picture of these because these shoes with their little hands and feet looked really funny.

We went outside to try to take pictures with the famous harbor view as our background, but it started to rain =(
You can see those ugly rain clouds in the sky...

On the way home, we stopped by K11 because I saw all the cute Tokidoki decorations!

They even had a mini exhibit inside the mall to display these Tokidoki cuteness =D
(Best of all, going into the mini exhibit was free LOL *cheapass*)

Tons of these artwork posters inside the exhibit:

I was so satisfied with all my pictures of the mall already... but then... THERE WAS MORE!

Look at this giant king lion!!

And as you exit the mall onto the street, there were even MORE Tokidoki *u*

Just look at this entrance.
You can't not be attracted to going in the mall by this.

That was an entertaining day XD
I'll blog about the delicious food I've had in the next entry.

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