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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ngong Ping 360

Nearing the end of another visit to Hong Kong. I've been busy lazy hence the lack of updates.
I will kind of make it up now by posting about my first visit to Ngong Ping 360, but this was almost during the beginning of our visit lol.

Here is our view outside from inside the cable car.

When we looked down, we saw tons of people with white boxes in the water.
I think they were catching clams or something?
The water was a lot more shallow than I thought... So if people fell from the cable cars, the water won't be able to save their falls O_O...

A picture with the cute mascots!

Here's the entrance to the village after you arrive from the cable cars.
Historical china buildings (I don't even know if I am calling those right).

And a wishing tree! =D
I didn't get to make a wish though =(

And the highlight of the visit to the village was...

I've never been so up-close with cows before. Lol.
They were just walking around, munching on grass... as if all the visitors walking around them weren't even there.

After an awful 20 minute walk... we arrived at our destination...
Which were these pillars =_=

Maybe it was because it was so hot and sticky and I was tired, but I felt like these pillars were not worth the long walk to see. Sorry for being so blunt.

Thank goodness that there were dogs around where the pillar things were.
I just sat in the shade and watched them sniff around and lay around lol.

To sum up the visit to Ngong Ping 360:
I'd say you can probably come here for a visit if you haven't done so and you've got nothing to do. There is also this big Buddha that you can walk up some-I-don't-know-how-many-hundreds-of-steps to see, but I was too tired and sweaty to conquer that many steps.
There is also tofu dessert and other Chinese desserts near the village place, but they suck (LOL).

I'll update more on more interesting (aka food and desserts XP) soon!

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