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Monday, September 19, 2011

Gold sand nails

I wanted to redo my nails before going to Hong Kong. This design came up kinda randomly. I wanted to do something else at first, but I saw that I never got to use this bottle of glitter I bought a long time ago... So...
(But I bought some new rhinestones that I could stick on to my nails, so watch me change my nails again very soon lol.)

These nails are super shimmery and super glittery. If you like things simple, these nails may be too flashy for you =P

Here are them gold sand nails haha

Read on for the tutorial....

How I did them:
STEP 1: Paint base color.
Pick your flashy base color!
Here, I am using OPI's "Up front and personal" as the base color. Because the glitter I wanted to use is a golden, copper color, I went with a base color on the warm side.

STEP 2: Paint white tips.
Use a white nail polish and paint the top half of your nails white.
Don't worry about make these tips perfect where the white meets the base color, because that line will be covered in glitter anyway.

STEP 3: Glitter!
Time for the shimmer =D
Use a clear nail polish and lightly go over the curved line where the white meets the base color. While the clear nail polish is still wet, sprinkle your glitter of choice on your nail.
Wait a bit for the nail polish to try and then you can wipe off or rinse off the excess glitter on your nails and fingers.

STEP 4: Tidy up your nails.
If you made a mess on your fingers during the painting process, like me, you can clean up the edges of your nails with a Q-tip dipped after dipping it in nail polish remover =]
Make sure the excess glitter is off your nails and you can add a top coat.

The photos do the glitter no justice at all.
The glitter is super super shimmery and I love it! I wish the glitter could shimmer in the photos like in real life =(

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