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Friday, October 7, 2011

Food, food & food =D

Here comes my food post on the yummy encounters in Hong Kong from the two weeks I was there.
Be warned that this post is a little bit on the image-heavy side even though I've gone through all my pictures and only picked out certain ones to post lol.

First thing I'm talking about, but not the first thing I ate in Hong Kong... was the heavily promoted 玉子將軍漢堡 (Shogan burger with egg).

It didn't taste too incredible... In fact, I wasn't fond of the taste at all.
It was like a Sausage & Egg McMuffin smothered in teriyaki sauce.

The following day, my brother and I got a chance to try The Spaghetti House with our uncle.

Their menus were really nice.
There was a picture for almost every single item on the menu, which I liked... Because I like to look at the food before I order.

However, there was this one page that sparked a question (as pointed out by Jackie when I showed him this picture):

Under the risotto section, there was 炒飯 (fried rice).
There were also other types of rice listed under this section, but none of the rice dishes were actually risotto dishes.
Maybe they didn't know what risotto is O_o

Since we weren't that hungry and we didn't have a lot of time to eat, we didn't order anything heavy.

I forgot what this sandwich was called. Probably club sandwich?

My brother ordered this little trio of dishes.
Salad, egg salad on toast, and creme brulee.

The food was below average for the price they charged.
There was ONE exception though... the creme brulee; it was gross. It was the worst creme brulee I have ever tasted - instead of creamy, it was chunky, and the top part was extremely burnt.

Later that night, I had this bowl of fish cake rice noodle soup that was really tasty.
It was only $20 HKD!

Next day...
McDonald's again.

I tried the McDonald's twisty noodle breakfast for the first time.
It was nothing special, but I prefer this over a McMuffin because it isn't as dry as eating buns in the morning.

I was watching TV and this commercial came on advertising the new Kinder Surprise chocolate egg, called Kinder Joy? It looked so cool in the commercial and I was saying how I really wanted to try one. My dad actually went and got one for me XD

Opening up the egg...
It's half chocolate and half toy like soooo:

Ta-da! This is what it looks like inside!
It looked so interesting and I was super excited to try it...
It turns out that I liked the original Kinder better. *Disappointment*

One disappointment can easily be made up for since there are so many good food in Hong Kong ;)

My dad wanted to try this place called 丼丼屋 (Dondonya), so we did.
Here is his okayodon:

My cold udon with egg.
It was really good =9

Curry beef udon

Deep-fried potato cakes with cheese inside.
The cheese tasted like mayo to me lol

And tempura veggies.

Dondonya was a pretty good restaurant. The prices were a little above the average price for food in Hong Kong, but it was worth the money.

Well... Are you ready for more McDonald's food?

I am trying McWings!

Deep fried chicken wings!
They were tasty, but I am so sensitive to spicy food that I had a really bad runny nose while eating these wings. I am so sensitive that some people don't even taste the spicyness in these wings X_X

My auntie ordered a sweet potato pie. I wanted to try it, but we were heading out for dinner already. (Yes, we were going out to dinner right after we had McDonald's...)

And thanks to my uncle tempting me to try something new, I had yet another little snack before dinner lol.
There was a neat little burger place called Mos Burgers in the shopping mall.

Don't these pretty pictures on the menu make you want to try every item?

We were in a hurry to get to the restaurant for dinner, so we took our burger to-go.
It got all squished and ugly in the bag, haha.

We ordered the ebi burger, but it was a disappointment. It looked much better than it tasted =(

Skipping the time to the following day, where we went to a super awesome buffet!! XD

Hello, food!

I had three rounds of food before I went for my dessert round.
There was soooooooo much food to choose from and everything was really yummy!

I tried to grab a piece of every single dessert item they had, but I couldn't because my tummy couldn't hold that much food. I stopped at this much (lol):

I left the buffet feeling like I was about to blow up and I couldn't eat anything for another good 5 or 6 hours D=

Right before the plane ride back, we tried the mango tarts from (Maxim's).
Yummy yummy. Thumbs up!

Typing up this post makes me miss Hong Kong already. Not just because of the food, but because of my family too :')

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