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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Mini thanksgiving dinner

Both Jackie and I wanted to have some turkey for Thanksgiving, but neither of our families made turkey for dinner... So we decided to go have our own mini Thanksgiving turkey dinner at ABC Country restaurant XP.

Caesar salad with bun
Their croutons were made with multi-grain bread. Best croutons I've had!
And their mini soup bun that came with the salad was really good too. I could've just feasted on this dish alone lol.

The turkey dinner!
Strangely, the turkey was the worst part of the dish. The mashed potatoes, carrots, broccoli and mushrooms were veryyy good. The gravy was amazing <3

Pulled-pork chowder
I've been wanting to try this soup the last couple times I came here and I finally ordered it this time... But it turned out to be spicy! So I couldn't drink anymore after a few spoonfuls =(

Cream of potato and bacon
Our server was super nice and gave me this soup after we told him the Pulled-Pork Chowder was too spicy for me. This was really heavy, but yum yum yum =D

Pumpkin Pie
And lastly, a pumpkin pie to finish off our mini Thanksgiving feast!
I don't normally like pumpkin in desserts but this pie was pretty good ;)

I am one day late for this, but...
Happy Thanksgiving!

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