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Friday, October 14, 2011

Ramen & waffles again

I had another night of satisfying ramen and then waffles for dessert <3, but this time, ramen was at Kintaro instead of Motomachi Shokudo.

Hanpayaro BBQ Pork
I found this too be too salty, but the flavor was pretty good.
This was only $1.00!

It was a super busy night at Kintaro so we just munched on that bowl of Hanpayaro BBQ Pork for a while. We lined up and waited a long time to get inside too.
After the long wait...

Fatty pork in rich broth with extra butter
This was Jackie's order. It sounded like he was trying to kill himself with cholesterol overload =_=
Looking at the fattyness kinda grosses me a little bit.

I took a little bit of his ramen and put it in a tiny bowl so I could try some lol

Decent gyoza. However, I don't like vinegar with my gyoza so I didn't like how they had the vinegar all over the plate.

Usually, finishing a bowl of ramen from Kintaro can cause your tummy to explode (lol jk), but this time, Jackie actually finished the whole thing and said he wasn't bloating full O_o...
Maybe because they were soooo busy so they skimmed out on the ramen noodles.

Since we had room, we went for waffles at WE Coffee =D

This was the Ice-Cream Maniac Waffles (I think... Can't remember.)

A delicious, fun night lol.
Now... on a completely irrelevant note:

These camera apps on phones nowadays are so powerful...
I was camwhoring with this app called Camera 360 and it is just so amazing how an app can make you look 100x better than you actually do. LOL so sad.

Here's me, with zero make-up.

This app erases the dark circles and eye bags under my eyes like magic O_O.
And it smooths out and brightens your skin too.

I feel like pictures can't be trusted anymore... but whatever... as long as we look good, right? ;)

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