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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nails: Soft colors + glitter

How typical of me... Instead of studying for my midterm, I've decided to do my nails =_=...
I think I'm lacking in some nutrients or something, because my nails are looking really weird. There is a strange gradient on them, along with other problems. I will cover them with nail polish until I find out what is wrong with them lol.

So anyway... Here are my new nails =]

And here's how I did them... in case you wanna know haha.

STEP 1: Paint base color.
Start with just a clear coat of nail polish - to make your nails shiny and pretty.

STEP 2: Paint slanted tip.
Get a pale pink color and paint a slanted tip like so.
I'm using a nail polish I got from Daiso, but Passion from O.P.I is the same color but not as thick.

STEP 3: Skip and repeat.
What I meant is skip the index and ring fingers and repeat the slanted tip on the middle and pinky fingers.

STEP 4: More slanted tips.
Now go back and do the slanted tips on the index and ring finger, but with another color.

STEP 5: A bit of glitter.
Use a glitter nail polish and brush a bit in the middle. This will also function as glue for the next step.

STEP 6: Add shiny "flakes".
Before the glitter polish dries, add your shiny "flakes" (I don't know what else to call them).
I don't remember where I got these flakes but I'm pretty sure you can find them at craft stores =]

STEP 7: Glitter in the middle.
Take another glitter nail polish with bigger glitter than the first, and brush over the shiny flakes in the middle.

STEP 8: Repeat and top coat.
Add the flakes and glitter to the rest of your nails.
Once they've dried, you can add a top coat and you are done =D
Note: Remember to wait for the nails to dry before applying the top coat, otherwise you will push the glitter away from the middle.

Hope you liked this tutorial =]

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